Soap-Dispensing Sprayer Nozzle

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With its 10 spray settings, this Soap-Dispensing Sprayer Nozzle makes all kinds of cleaning chores a whole lot easier. This is the ideal hose attachment for washing your car, your home's exterior, dirty garage floors or driveways and more. The built-in soap dispenser allows for even distribution and thorough cleaning. Just turn the dispenser off when you're ready to rinse off the soap. Trigger release gives you full control of the spray and it locks for easy-grip comfort when spraying for extended periods. Works with water pressure from 60-80 PSI. Nozzle, 12-1/2" long. Soap dispenser, 3.38 oz. Plastic.

  • Adjustable nozzle with built-in soap dispenser!
  • Includes 10 spray settings:
    • 1) Mist
    • 2) Flood
    • 3) Flat
    • 4) Angle
    • 5) Shower
    • 6) Fan
    • 7) Cone
    • 8) Center
    • 9) Triangle
    • 10) Jet
  • Details:
    • Nozzle, 12-1/2" long
    • Soap dispenser, 3.38 oz.
    • Plastic
Soap-Dispensing Sprayer Nozzle

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Soap-Dispensing Sprayer Nozzle