Wishcraft™ Fortune Telling Games

$4.95 each

Psychic Pendulum 4.95 In stock
Tarot Cards 4.95 In stock
Wishing Heart 4.95 In stock
Psychic Pendulum
In stock
$4.95 each Qty:
Tarot Cards
In stock
$4.95 each Qty:
Wishing Heart
In stock
$4.95 each Qty:
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Find out what your future holds with a Wishcraft Fortune Telling Game. Psychic Pendulum predicts your future with a crystal pendulum and mystery board, while Tarot Cards uses a deck of cards, and Wishing Heart is an update on the classic fortune teller. Each comes with an instruction booklet. For ages 7 and up. Special Buy--Limited Quantities Available!

  • Fortune telling fun with a magical twist!
  • Psychic Pendulum includes:
    • Magic pendulum
    • Crystal pendulum
    • Mystery board
  • Tarot Cards includes:
    • 78-Card deck
    • Fabric playing mat
  • Wishing Heart includes:
    • Wishing heart
    • 8 Gel stickers
    • 2 Glitter glue pens
    • Dry erase marker
    • 24 Reusable fortune stickers
    • Fortune-telling envelope
  • Details:
    • For ages 7 and up
Wishcraft™ Fortune Telling Games

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