Magnetic Hematite Anklet

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Embedded with magnets, the beautiful genuine hematite anklet radiates with magnetic energy that penetrates deep into the skin. Wearing jewelry with magnetic hematite is said to reduce stiffness and improve circulation. The magnets also are believed to improve energy, and ease headaches, tension and stress. Stretches for a comfortable fit. 4" dia.

  • Ease your stress and improve your energy while looking stylish!
  • Wearing magnets may:
    • Reduce headaches, tension and stress
    • Enhance blood flow and circulation
    • Boost energy
  • Details:
    • Genuine hematite embedded with magnets
    • 4" dia.
    • Stretch-to-fit
Magnetic Hematite Anklet

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NOW  $2.48 each was: $4.95
Magnetic Hematite Anklet