Legend Of The Christmas Nest

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According to legend, the one who finds a bird's nest in a Christmas tree gets a year of good luck, health and happiness. Give the gift of good luck to a friend, or place this realistic bird's nest in your own family tree. Made of natural materials, it features several "eggs," along with branches, berries and pine cones. Everything is packaged in a clear plastic gift box tied with a decorative ribbon. Comes with a card explaining the Legend of the Christmas Nest. Nest, 7" dia. x 5".

  • Find a bird's nest in your tree, and happy, healthy and prosperous you'll be!
  • Decorative and meaningful
  • Ready for gift-giving
  • Details:
    • 7" dia. x 5"
    • Comes in a gift box
Legend Of The Christmas Nest

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Legend Of The Christmas Nest