Microwave Crisper Pan

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Microwave Crisper Pan gives you oven-quality results when you cook, brown, fry and crisp your favorite foods. The vented, tempered glass lid helps prevent the soggy, drab results too common with microwave cooking. The nonstick coating makes removing food from the pan a breeze and also makes cleaning easier. It's also the perfect pan for reheating pizza, French fries, chicken nuggets and all kinds of leftovers. Dishwasher safe. 10" dia. x 1-1/2". Made of microwave-safe metal. Only for use in microwaves with a turntable and/or glass plate.

  • Microwave speed and convenience! Out-of-the-oven quality!
  • No more soggy leftovers!
  • Nonstick coating for cooking and cleaning ease
  • Details:
    • 10" dia. x 1-1/2"
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Microwave-safe metal
Microwave Crisper Pan

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Microwave Crisper Pan