Weird Hauntings Book

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The eeriest, most hair-raising, and true stories of ghosts that haunt our neighborhoods, battlefields, restaurants, roads, hotels, schools and homes are presented in this Weird Hauntings Book. Whether it's the apparitions that traverse Zombie Road, the Nob Hill Ghost, the spirits of weary soldiers at Antietam, or the antics of Little Sarah, who invisibly moves objects in an Ohio inn, you're about to encounter specters who will startle you, sometimes make you smile, and more often than not scare the living daylights out of you. Softcover. 318 pages. Full-color photos. 9" x 6".

  • Packed with spine-tingling true stories!
  • True tales of ghostly places
  • Details:
    • Softcover
    • 318 pages
    • 9" x 6"
Weird Hauntings Book

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Weird Hauntings Book