Sets of 2 Novelty Backscratchers

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Bear Claw
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Croc Claw
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Item#: 311063-2NBU-BAR
Christmas 2013 Page 51

Don't scratch an itch when you can claw at it with an animal-styled novelty backscratcher. You get 2 backscratchers in this set. Keep one at home and one at work for those times when you have a beast of an itch you just can't reach. They extend by more than 14 inches to get to all those difficult spots. Metal "claws" will give you relief, while the rubber handle provides cushion-grip comfort. Each approx. 22-5/8" fully extended.

  • You get 2!
  • Extends 14"
  • Details:
    • Each approx. 22-5/8" fully extended
    • Metal and rubber
Sets of 2 Novelty Backscratchers

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Sets of 2 Novelty Backscratchers