5-Pc. Lift & Shift Set

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5-Pc. Lift n Shift Set 9.95 In stock
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This 5-Pc. Lift & Shift Set makes it easy to move heavy furniture on your own. It comes with an ergonomically designed metal bar and padded sliders that make it easier to lift and slide your furniture for moving, cleaning or seasonal rearranging. The metal bar gives you 10 times your natural strength and the leverage you need to easily lift your furniture without straining your back. It has an ABS plastic wheel so you can roll it under furniture and a flat ABS lift on the end that elevates heavy items without damaging them. Once your furniture is raised, place the sliders under the legs to protect your furniture and floors. Move refrigerators, sofas, beds, desks, cabinets and more with ease. Works on both hard surfaces and carpet.

  • Unique power bar gives you 10 times your natural strength!
  • Great for moving day and cleaning day!
  • Simply lift, place and slide
  • 5-Pc. set includes:
    • Lifter bar, 23-3/4" x 2-1/4"
    • 4 Padded sliders, 5-3/8" x 3-1/4", each
  • Details:
    • Metal, plastic and sponge
5-Pc. Lift & Shift Set

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5-Pc. Lift & Shift Set