Fuzzy Wuzzy® Swooz™ Duster

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Not quite a mop and not quite a broom, the Fuzzy Wuzzy Swooz Duster is an incredibly versatile cleaning tool that can be used to sweep, dust, mop, clean windows and walls, wash your car and more. Unique design conforms to virtually any shape, giving just the right balance of flexibility, leverage and stiffness. The head is a thick, one-piece solid rubber diamond that has a reusable chenille pad attached to it. Use it wet or dry. The commercial grade, telescoping handle (34" to 60-1/4") can be adjusted to the perfect length for any job. Thanks to the microfiber cleaning pad with individual fibers skimming the surface, the Swooz is able to deep clean without the use of chemicals. With only water, it cleans 99% of all dirt, dust and germs from virtually any surface. It is also gentle so you never have to worry about scratching or otherwise harming the surface. Microfiber pad removes for machine washing. 36" x 11" x 9-1/2". Steel, ABS plastic, microfiber and rubber.

  • Makes hard cleaning jobs easy!
  • Gets into corners, under furniture and conforms to odd angles
  • Telescoping handle extends your reach
  • Details:
    • 36" x 11" x 9-1/2"
    • Steel, ABS plastic, microfiber and rubber
Fuzzy Wuzzy® Swooz™ Duster

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Our Price $9.95 each compare at: $14.24
Fuzzy Wuzzy® Swooz™ Duster