Spa Sox Therapeutic Slippers

$5.95 per pair

Women's S/M 6-8 5.95 In stock
Women's S/M 6-8
In stock
$5.95 per pair Qty:
Item#: 151286-2HKS-LSM Available Online Only

You can freeze the Spa Sox Therapeutic Slippers to ease sprains, bruising and swelling. Made from super soft and plush fleece, these slippers are filled with temperature-sensitive linseeds. Heat the slippers in the microwave to relax your aching feet, or slip them on after they've been in the freezer to help reduce swelling. The linseeds retain their temperature for long-lasting comfort. Microwave and freezer safe. Imported.

  • It's up to you...cold therapy or warm therapy for your feet!
  • Freeze these slippers or microwave them
  • Filled with linseeds that retain their temperature for long-lasting comfort
  • Details:
    • Sizes for men and women
    • Plush fabric and linseeds
    • Microwave and freezer safe
Spa Sox Therapeutic Slippers

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$5.95  per pair
Spa Sox Therapeutic Slippers