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I Love Farting 7.95 In stock
I Love Farting
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You'll laugh with every sip from an uproarious Talking Mug. Giggle-inducing sounds are activated each time you pick up the mug and stop when you set it back down. "Cow Are You Today?" has a cow-print pattern and says one of 7 funny expressions or moos when you pick it up. You know what you're in for when you pick up the "I Love Farting" mug...6 different sounds of flatulence are sure to gas up your morning mood. Sound module can be removed for hand washing. On/off switch. Each ceramic mug holds 12 oz.

  • Hilarity with every sip!
  • "I Love Farting" will spark eruptions of laughter
  • Makes 6 different farting noises
  • Milk the laughs with mug that asks, "Cow Are You Today?"
  • Says one of 7 funny expressions and moos, too!
  • Details:
    • 12 oz.
    • Ceramic
    • Battery operated
Talking Mugs

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$7.95  each
Talking Mugs