Lawn Mower Covers or Cleaner

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Use a Lawn Mower Cover and Cleaner to protect your expensive investment from all kinds of damage. The waterproof cover shields your mower from the corroding effects of rain, dust and sun, and pulls on and off easily with elastic bottoms for a secure fit. Both the Push Mower Cover (64" x 24" sq.) and Riding Mower Cover (64-1/2" x 44" x 39") are made of durable, mildew-resistant polyethylene. Imported. With the Mower Blade Cleaner, you can dig out wet grass, leaves, mud and dirt that can build up and diminish your mower's performance or even ruin it completely. Just grip the wood handle and use the flat metal surface to easily scrape it all away. 20" x 4".

  • Keep your mower in top condition!
  • Cover protects your mower from the elements
  • Blade cleaner scrapes away grass, dirt, leaves and more
  • Details:
    • Push Mower Cover, 64" x 24" sq.
    • Riding Mower Cover, 64-1/2" x 44" x 39"
    • Polyethylene
    • Mower Blade Cleaner, 20" x 4"
    • Wood and metal
Lawn Mower Covers or Cleaner

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Lawn Mower Covers or Cleaner