Headrest Organizer Auto Hooks

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2-Hook Hanger 4.95 In stock
2-Hook Hanger
In stock
$4.95 each Qty:
4-Hook Hanger 7.95 In stock
4-Hook Hanger
In stock
$7.95 each Qty:
Item#: 600099-6ATQ

Keep your car neat with Headrest Organizer Auto Hooks. These hooks are the solution for plastic grocery bags that spill their contents all over the floorboard. They're also the ideal place for purses, shopping bags, litter bags, umbrellas and more. They attach easily to any headrest that has twin posts of 1/2" dia. or less. Each hook holds up to 5 lbs. Plastic and metal. 2-Hook Hanger, 7" x 4" x 2". 4-Hook Hanger, 13-1/8" x 7" x 2".

  • Handy hooks for the car!
  • Hangs on the back of the seat
  • Holds purses, bags and more
  • Details:
    • 2-Hook Hanger, 7" x 4" x 2"
    • 4-Hook Hanger, 13-1/8" x 7" x 2"
    • Plastic and metal
Headrest Organizer Auto Hooks

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$4.95  each
Headrest Organizer Auto Hooks