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25 Things To Do Before The Holidays End

Once December begins, the holiday season is already halfway over, yet it feels like it's just begun! Before the year winds down completely, make sure you check these holiday-themed things off your list to finish the year right.

1. Buy Excessive Decorations

We mean things like Santa and Rudolph accent pillows, a flashing neon star of David, or an inflatable snowman. The more it makes you smile, the better.

2. Wear An Ugly Sweater

Even if you don't have an ugly sweater party on the agenda this year, wearing some sort of homemade sweater or thrift-store find is essential to the holiday spirit.

3. Eat Something With "Gingerbread" In The Name

That means gingerbread lattes, gingerbread pancakes, or gingerbread men cookies. You know, spiced gingery goodness.

4. Sing A Christmas Carol

It's best if you do this after a few too many glasses of eggnog at your company holiday party, but with your kids around the neighborhood is fun too. Just make it happen!

5. Drink Eggnog

On that note, you should definitely make sure you have some eggnog. It only comes around once a year. If you want to make eggnog from scratch, here are a few recipes you can try.

6. Make A Snow Angel

If you're in one of those strange corners of the U.S. that never sees snow, then go make a sand angel instead!

7. Watch A Christmas Story

Actually, just about any holiday-themed movie will do. It's a Wonderful Life and A Charlie Brown Christmas are both acceptable choices.

8. Make Homemade Decorations

Pinecone ornaments, construction paper chains, and garlands made of popcorn are all great options that the kids can do too. You can paint red and green bowls for the kitchen and create mason jar candles to update your bathroom decor.

9. See The Lights

Every community has one gaudy street or neighborhood that is completely covered with every possible holiday light imaginable. Grab some hot chocolate and take a nighttime drive to see the beauty of thousands of tiny colorful light bulbs.

10. Make A Salvation Army Donation

Sharing is caring, right? Make sure you stop by one of The Salvation Army donation sites and drop a few coins into their buckets for the greater good. It doesn't get much more Christmas-like than that!

11. Make A Mason Jar Gift

Mason jars are all the rage - again - so it's time to embrace this new holiday tradition. Fill a jar with cookie ingredients, colorful candy, or create something decorative to give to your coworkers.

12. Spread Holiday Cheer

You could do this in the form of singing those Christmas carols, donating to The Salvation Army, or by dropping off a huge turkey on someone's doorstep a la A Christmas Carol. Or you could just bring a pack of holiday candy to the office!

13. Be A Secret Santa

You can do this all on your own, or join up with friends to draw names from a hat.

14. Kiss Under Some Mistletoe

Enough said, right?

15. Throw A Holiday Party

This is an excuse to choose all the food and drinks for a holiday party, and I say: do it! You can even get together with a few friends and throw a joint party.

16. Wear Antlers

With blinking lights. In public.

17. Go Ice Skating

Even if you live in a warm climate, there's a good chance you'll find an ice rink somewhere in the area! This is a great way to burn off a few of those gingerbread pancakes and keep the kids entertained for an afternoon.

18. Donate Toys

Donating toys exemplifies the holiday spirit, especially when you give them to the children's wing of a hospital. Make sure they're brand new, without any glitter or small objects the kids could inhale.

19. Go See Santa

You're probably going to make 50 trips to the mall anyway, so you might as well stop over to see the big guy, especially if you have little ones in tow.

20. Make A Christmas List

Whether you do this just for yourself, or you help your kids write one for Santa, it's always nice to know what you really want this year.

21. Hang A Stocking

And fill it with lots of little toys and gifts for everyone in your home! Stocking stuffers are the best part of Christmas!

22. Volunteer With The Kids

Show your kids what the season of giving is all about by getting them involved in a community activity. Whether that's volunteering at a food pantry, shopping for a family in need, or donating one present to another child who needs it more, it's a great time to teach your kids about selflessness and community.

23. Bake Something

Maybe you can make this the year you teach your kids how to make their grandmother's famous holiday snickerdoodles! Either way, it's not really the holidays until your house smells like cookies.

24. Food Crafts

Reindeer food, Christmas trees made of green icing and upside-down ice cream cones, gingerbread houses, and Santa made from strawberries and whipped cream are a few fun food crafts that come to mind.

25. Spend Time With Family

Finally, the most important thing to do before the holiday season ends is to spend some quality time with the most important people in your life - your family.

There are many ways to enjoy the holidays that are festive, fun and inexpensive. If you're looking for holiday decor inspiration, read these top 5 holiday decorating ideas and then shop LTD Commodities for home accessories, seasonal housewares and holiday bedding.