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4 Ideas To Treat Yourself For The Holidays

We've been moving non-stop at full-speed to make the holidays perfect for every member of the family. With Thanksgiving dinner, holiday parties, all of the gift shopping, and gift wrapping, we've reached our peak of production — and it's exhausting. In the holiday hysteria we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. Here are 4 ideas to treat yourself for the holidays.

Me Time

According to research firm Greenberg, Quinlan, Rosner, only about 25% of more than 700 people surveyed say they have energy over the holidays. There are so many dinners and gatherings to plan and pull off while trying to please everyone, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Take a break from the Christmas chaos to re-charge. Get started on that book you were saving for January, or sit down in your favorite loungewear with a mug of tea or cocoa and decompress.

Knead Time

Getting a massage doesn't just sound good for you, it actually is good for you. According to the Mayo Clinic, it relieves symptoms of anything from digestive disorders to nerve pain — the list includes stress! If you have the time between dinners and parties, make an appointment for a professional to squeeze out all your hassles and burdens. If you don't have the time, consider getting a massage pillow or massagers for individual parts of your body like your neck, feet or back. Spa time can be any time if your contraption is portable.

Movie Time

Get out of the house and out of your head for two hours to see a movie. It may seem easier to stay in and stream a movie over the internet or watch a DVD, but going out to the movies removes your entire body and mind from your responsibilities. For two hours, you won't be distracted by dishes that need to be washed, decorating that needs to be done, or presents that need to be wrapped. Force yourself to relax before the next round of hosting duties creeps up on you.

Shopping Time

You put hours into finding that perfect doll for your little girl, that game your son wanted and the right sweater for your mother. And you packaged them all perfectly in green and red paper with little bows on top. While they likely put a lot of thought into their gifts to you, only you know exactly what you need. Between your big family dinners, relax in front of the computer and start doing some shopping for yourself. Add a new sassy sweater to your cart or a fun hat to accessorize your winter wear. Time it so the gifts to yourself arrive at your house after holidays so you have something to look forward to.

It's easy to get wrapped up in the madness of the holidays and forget about yourself. Set aside a few moments before the end of the year to take care of your mind, body and soul. It may not get the ham on the Christmas dinner table faster, but unwinding between holidays may get you through the holidays with your sanity intact.

Rachel Roszmann

Rachel Roszmann brings her expertise as a writer and editor to LTD Commodities, and shares her tips and advice on the LTD blog. Her love for nature, food, and the softer side of writing reflects her Colorado roots.