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4 Ideas for Using Pegboards

It's time to go back to school! Busy with work and after school activities, our homes need to be organized to operate efficiently. Fun and functional decor can be a big help with that. You don't get more functional than a peg board ? and when they're painted and decorated, they turn into fun! Here are 4 ideas for using peg boards.



There are a couple of ways you can use a pegboard in the kitchen to keep things organized. You can use one of the smaller walls to set up a pegboard to hang all of your frequently used pots and pans. It gives you easy access to your tools as well as frees up cabinet space. For smaller scale organization, you can use a pegboard in place of your kitchen backsplash. Use it to hang cooking utensils or add an extra shelf if you need it.


Study Nook

For the kids' study nook, a desk facing a pegboard helps kids get their homework and chores coordinated. Create a calendar to hang different projects' due dates so they can visualize their priorities. Shelves or baskets can be hung to keep their supplies in order. For chores, their different duties can be incorporated into the calendar or a separate chart can be made and hung for their weekly tasks.

Bed & Bath

A cleverly painted pegboard transforms into a helping headboard if you want to free up floor space where a nightstand might go. It's the perfect solution for a small bedroom because you can hang shelves for a lamp or books that you normally set aside on the nightstand as you drift off to sleep. For those who don't have quite enough space for a jewelry box, put them on display with a pegboard. It also keeps necklaces and earrings from getting tangled up in addition to making it easy to find your favorite pieces. Painted to match your duvet covers, a pegboard dresses up a wall with sparkle and shine you won't find anywhere else.


Living Room Wall

The pegboard may be the answer to that empty wall in the living room! Covering an entire wall with a pegboard in a color that contrasts the other walls turns the room into an ever-changing art gallery. It makes decorating easy and interesting. Cluster your framed photos or spread them out and create patterns ? anyway you do it, you don't have to keep it that way if you don't like it. When you think your living room needs a refresh, all you have to do is change the placement of a few pictures to mix things up.


Whether you're decorating your living room or you need ideas to get your home organized, LTD Commodities has products and inspiration to make your home more manageable and charming. From storage containers to wall art, shop LTD for great products at practical prices.