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4 Tips On Layering For Fall

As the wind strips the trees of their precious leaves and the air gives us a nip in the nose to remind us that winter is coming, we ease into fall with a little reluctance to change with the seasons. But it's not all bad. Fall gives us the opportunity to get creative with fashion -- we're not bound to the sweaters relegated by winter and no longer limited to the skimpy pieces summer suggests. Layering for fall gives outfits the depth and flexibility that other seasons do not. Here are 4 tips on layering for fall.


Fall is not too early to wrap up in a scarf! For fall outfits, it adds a pop of color or a tad of texture to your ensemble. Scarves are also used as a unifying element to help each piece of your outfit make sense as a whole picture. Choose colors that complement your sweater or blouse. Scarves don't have to match exactly; the idea is to curate individual outfits so they're one of a kind. If you're wearing a blue cardigan, don't be afraid to add an orange scarf. If you're not good at pairing complementary colors, study a color wheel to tell you what works. Even baseball apparel can be transformed to fit multiple outfits with the right scarf.

Sweaters & Blouses

Pullover sweaters should be saved for very cold days, but cardigans and lounge sweaters are your go-to covering for fall. They give you the opportunity to re-style your summer blouses or even dresses. With the right cardigan, your sheer summer top and cami act as a colorful base with a pair of jeans or trousers. You get the warmth that you need while giving your summer clothes a few extra turns on the runway.

Dresses, Skirts & Pants

Build on these core pieces to create a unique outfit. Dresses, skirts and pants don't necessarily have to be neutral colors, but you should choose the colors carefully. Make sure they come in colors that complement your skin tone or colors you feel very comfortable wearing. Once you get the hang of getting the colors right, you'll never wear black, gray or beige for safety's sake again.

Socks & Tights

Another way to extend the stay of summer favorites is with a pair of leggings in a neutral color. Any tunics or tops you may have worn with summer skirts or even short dresses can dress up a pair of leggings. Your legs stay covered to protect you from brisk fall air while your outfit stays bright and perky as the days get darker.

Layering is a smart fashion skill to have, especially when you're shopping on a budget. The key is to be consistent with your selections the way you would if you were shopping for matching bathroom accessories. With a few coordinating pieces, you can create several outfits with just a few pieces.

LTD Commodities can help you with each layer of your outfit for any occasion. From scarves to keep you cozy on a fall hayride to accessories that sparkle for a holiday cocktail party. Shop with us for great style and value for any season.