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4th Of July Activities For Kids

The nation is celebrating its independence -- most of us will be heading to a barbecue or a parade, but finding something appealing to kids for the 4th of July can be challenging. Here are a few ways your kids might get into being patriotic this summer.

Patriotic Flowers

This is a fun activity for little ones. It's a craft that can also be woven into a lesson on plant function and their roots. All you have to do is gather white carnations, tall containers (vases) with water, and red and blue food coloring. Keep it simple by putting blue food coloring in one container and red in another. Stick one flower in each container and watch them turn colors. If you want to mix things up, take one carnation and slice up the stem until you reach the last leaf nodule. Put one side of the stem in the blue water and the other side in the red water to make a bi-color carnation. When you're done, you can bring these to wear to the 4th of July Parade to give your kids a little patriotic flair.

Patriotic Dress-Up

Turn the 4th into a history lesson through a game of dress-up and go beyond typical 4th of July clothes! Uncle Sam, Betsy Ross, Anna "Nancy" Smith Strong, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson -- the list of costume opportunities goes on and on. Have your children research a 4th of July figure they want to dress up as and have them write a short paragraph about what they did for our country. When the kids are all dressed up, take them to a parade or barbecue to show off their historical knowledge and style.

Have A Birthday Party

Your kids may be too young to understand the significance of the 4th of July, but they might not be too young to understand a birthday party! Go through the motions of a regular birthday party only give it a patriotic twist. Decorate as you would any other 4th of July, but have a birthday cake with gift bags and favors to celebrate the nation's birth. Use this as an opportunity to give your kids a timeline of the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and end it all with cake and fireworks.

Make Your Own Rocket Popsicles

John Adams, one of the Founding Fathers of the Constitution, wrote to his wife describing how he saw the 4th of July for the future: "It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports...Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations."

Going to see the fireworks may be too big of a challenge with little kids, but there is no reason you can't make a safe and tasty version of bonfires and illuminations at home with homemade rocket popsicles.

If there's anything your kids can understand on a hot July day is a cold sweet treat! Turn it into a weekend project with a video tutorial from Katie at Before And After TV.

Summer is our favorite season here at LTD Commodities! We have products and ideas to make every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day memorable -- from country home decor to make your barbecue just right to toys to make outdoor summer fun fantastic, shop LTD for unique products at practical prices.