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4th Of July Crafts

Summertime is in full swing, which means Independence Day is right around the corner. Here are five craft ideas to help you save money on decorations and fun things for the kids to do.

Fourth of July Wreaths

Let your kids decide what themes they want to create. Then tie strips of colorful fabric around wire frames and add decorations to match the theme. For an Independence Day wreath, use red, white and blue fabric from old T-shirts, jeans or towels. Show your team loyalty by using NFL apparel or MLB colors. Alternate your homemade wreaths and keep them on display all season long!


Children at your picnic or barbecue will have a blast creating these colorful toys. Recruit older kids to help by following these simple instructions. Provide a variety of craft supplies like glitter, pipe cleaners, cotton balls and paint, and let the younger kids decide which materials to use for even more fun.

  • Homemade Centerpieces

    This can be a quick and easy project for the family. First, decide which containers you want to use. Anything from buckets to mason jars can work--it's all about personal taste. You take it from there: Paint your containers with patriotic colors and complementary accents, or fill them with red, white and blue marbles, lights, flowers or small flags. You may need filler (crumpled paper works well).

  • Safety Crafts

    Your Independence Day festivities are the perfect time to interest your children in things other than their electronics and get them to enjoy some time outside. Unfortunately, some activities your little ones enjoy can be dangerous--like sparklers. Make this 4th of July tradition safer by poking the sparkler "handle" through an upside-down plastic cup to protect your children's hands from the flying sparks.

  • Patriotic Manicures

    Independence Day is the perfect opportunity to show your family's pride in this country. Add your own patriotic flair by painting each nail red, white or blue. Add glitter or stickers to adorn your nails with stars and stripes, or other patterns that show your support for your country. It's quick and simple!

Everybody loves the 4th of July. Celebrate with LTD! We'll help you get everything you and your family members need to make the most of the holiday.