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5 Ideas For Upcycling Childrens Clothes

Kids grow so much faster than we would like. They go through clothes and shoes in just a couple of months while we, as adults, can hang onto sweaters and jeans for years. But once kids get too big for their britches, you don't necessarily have to send clothing off to the thrift store or hand them down to a neighbor or cousin. With a little creativity, you can get a little more use out of them. Here are 5 ideas for upcycling your kids' clothes.

Frost Protection

Now is the perfect time to put together a few sets of mittens! Mittens and socks tend to get lost anywhere and everywhere, so you can never have too many. Making mittens is a great way to re-purpose sweaters with sleeves that no longer cover your kids' wrists or have unraveled in some parts with other good parts to spare. Sew Totally Smitten has a tutorial on transforming sweaters into mittens from an adult sweater, but it's so easy to do, you can use the same idea for kids' mittens. You may even be able to shrink it down to create newborn baby items.

Perennial Pants

Kids grow up rather than out, which makes buying pants for children frustrating. Though jeans fit around the waist for months, the length of the legs may not cover ankles for very long. But if you turn them into a skirt, you can extend their
use for a little (maybe even a lot) longer. Create Kids Couture has step-by-step instructions for turning jeans into a fun, ruffled skirt. If you don't have time for skirts, you can always turn short jeans into purposely cropped pants by adding lace around the ankles. The result is so stunning your little girl may want to make her new pedal pushers part of her first day of school outfit.

Inventive Headgear

A sweater that's too tight for the torso may be just the right fit for your child's head. Making a hat from a sweater doesn't require super sewing skills, you just need to be able to cut out a few circles and stitch together some seams. With good glue you may even be able to skip the sewing part! Make It & Love It has a process so easy you'll want to make hats for your kids and every student in their classes.

Deconstructed T-Shirts

Too-small T-shirts can become something spectacular. For crafters who like to knit and crochet, cut T-shirts can be turned into cardigans, rugs or a blanket for a toddler bed. Read this tutorial from Craft Passion to learn how to split a T-shirt into a skein of yarn.

Endless Accessories

For something a little more fun, turn your old kids clothes into something they can use for years (or until they go out of style) like a French pouf to decorate a sweater, a headband to hold back your little girl's hair, or knee-high socks from sweater sleeves. Whatever your needs or excesses are, there's something clever you can make out of something you already have.

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