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5 Ideas To Transition Your Decor From Winter To Spring

We're waiting for that first burst of spring sunshine, but along with the warmth we're anticipating comes a lot of work to be done to make our homes comfortable for the new season. Here are 5 ideas for transitioning your decor from winter to spring.

Bring The Outdoors Indoors

A few green plants with a splash of color add the freshness of spring to a room. Opening the window stirs the air in your home that it hasn't refreshed in months, but scattering plant life in what used to be dark corners gives a room a budding pulse in the brightness of the spring sun. Add a delicately curated terrarium to an end table, a miniature herb garden to a floating shelf or an orchid to an entryway table. Low-maintenance plants lift the spirit of any room.

Out With The Wood

Wood accents make your decor cozy for winter. For spring, trade cozy for breezy with glass or iron accents. Wood blocks the winter chill and puts off a rustic feel -- like being in a cabin in the woods. Iron and glass let spring air flow while maintaining that country accent we were going for with the wood.

Calm Colors

Calm or neutral colors on the walls keep a room feeling cool for the warm weather we're anticipating in the spring and summer. They also give you a blank canvas for your throw pillows and wall art. It's a chance to let your personal style show throughout your home without the constraints of having to coordinate colors to accent pieces.

Light & Subtlety

Adding white accents adds the light and subtlety that we associate with spring. Even when the doors and windows are closed, your home seems more airy with slight pops of white sprinkled throughout the house. Against neutral walls, white is especially pronounced to give a room a calm and breezy quality.

Natural Light

Swap out your heavy curtains with lighter window coverings. The heavy curtains help shield our homes from the cold outdoors, but sheer panels let in natural light when we're not worried about freezing temperatures while still maintaining privacy.

Changing up your decor to match the seasons sounds more difficult than it is. With some guidance and a little bit of flexibility on the frills, your home can be as breezy in the spring as it was cozy in the winter.

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