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5 Tricks To Clean Your Kitchen Quickly

Whether you're making a salad for one or preparing a dinner party for 20, the kitchen tends to look a tad worse for wear after every meal. It's going to get crowded in there, so make sure to start by tossing all the papers, electronics and cheap toys in the other room to make everything a lot easier. Here are a few tips to minimize the mess and clean your kitchen quickly.

1. Use Both Sides, Rinse, Repeat

When you're cutting garlic and onions, but suddenly you need to cut bread or fruit, instead of whipping out a second board, using both sides of the same cutting board. Additionally, try to rinse cooking utensils off and continue using them, instead of piling them up. It's okay to use the same colander to drain veggies and potatoes, and the same spoon to scoop stuffing and stir sauces. Just give it a quick rinse in between.

2. Scrape, Stack And Soak

There seems to be a never-ending pile of dishes, no matter how much you reuse the same kitchenware. Keep the mess organized by scraping excess food and waste into the trashcan, compost bin or garbage disposal, stack the dishes and let them soak, preferably in one side of a two-sided sink, while you continue cooking or cleaning. You could also keep a large bowl or tub of warm water and soap so you can toss anything in there, especially utensils, as you finish with them. If there's not enough room in the kitchen for the tub, move it to living room or bathroom storage areas. Soaking dishes while you do other things can cut the washing time in half for almost all dishes. Now you can quickly wash them or toss them in the dishwasher whenever you're ready.

3. Spray & Wipe

Now that the dishes are either in the dishwasher, drying rack, or put away, it's time to tackle the countertops and stove. It's a good idea to spray the spilled messes on the stove right away to make for easier clean up. You can spray everything at once to let it loosen up the dirt, and then wipe it all away with a sponge or rag. Many people like pre-moistened cleaning wipes, but for a toxic-free home, a DIY all-purpose cleaner and a reusable cloth are a much better option.

4. Sweep And Mop

Although you try to keep the crumbs controlled, a messy floor is nearly inevitable. Your best bet is a combination of sweeping and mopping. Do a quick run around with a broom or floor sweeper, and then follow up with a mop or wet mopping cloths for anything that remains.

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