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5 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Read

With video games, TV shows and tablets vying for their attention kids aren't always looking to read a good book. Check out these tips to get your child reading--and liking it.

1. Make Books A Part Of Everyday Life At An Early Age

As soon as your little one can sit up on your lap, introduce her to the wonder of books. Put away the baby toys and pull out the picture books for a few minutes every day. Choose books with adorable illustrations that both of you will enjoy looking at. After a while, your child will be ready to graduate from looking at picture books to listening to you read books with words. Gradually increase the number of words per page, until you get to the point of reading chapter books without any pictures at all. Then the whole exciting world of books opens to your child.

2. Establish A Bedtime Story Ritual

Help your kids wind down after a busy day of play by snuggling under the bed linens together with a good book. It's a routine you'll both look forward to and one that will also help them drift off into a peaceful sleep. Don't be concerned if they fall asleep before you finish, just mark the page with a bookmark and pick up at the same spot the next night.

3. Take Your Child To The Library

Every community has a public library and most of them have a children's section. Get into the habit of visiting this library and letting your child check out the books that appeal to them. Take along a tote bag and bring home 8 or 10 books at a time. Expose them to a wide variety of authors and genres at no cost to you.

4. Build Your Child's Personal Library

Give your child books as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and just because gifts. Try to find a series they really like and will want to continue reading. They need to have books of their own that they can read over and over again. You'll be amazed at how many times a child will pick up a favorite book and flip through its pages.

5. Let Your Child See You Reading

Send the message that reading is fun! Whether it's books from the library, books on your e-reader, newspapers or magazines, show them that you enjoy reading. It's a proven fact--parents who read have children who read. The reading bug is caught, not taught.

Make reading a daily part of your children's life. Show them that books can be fun! LTD Commodities has the books you need to stimulate their imagination and instill in them a love of reading.