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6 Types Of Books For Non-Readers

Reading for pleasure isn't something everyone does, but there are benefits of reading just a little bit every day: it increases blood flow to the brain, encourages analytical thinking, and improves attention spans. Many people don't read if they don't have to for a variety of reasons, but there are ways to get them to crack a book. Here are 6 types of books non-readers can enjoy.


Most, if not all, authors who write novels have tried their hand at short stories. Every so often, publishers turn those short stories into collections to form a whole book. Short story collections are easy for non-readers to start because they don't require committing to 500 pages at a time. They can start and finish an entire story within 30 pages: literary instant gratification. They also get the same benefits and satisfaction of reading an entire book without the intimidation and time commitment. Essay collections work the same way; they're a baby step into the world of pleasure reads.


Though humor books may not be as challenging, they do stimulate the brain. Some people find reading to be boring, but that may be because they haven't found the right book. Humor books have a way of keeping the attention of readers that novels sometimes can't. Whether it's a memoir from a comedian or satirical guide to surviving an alien attack on earth, humor can suck in just about anyone for 250 pages.

Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are more than just pictures with words next to them. Graphic novels use both words and pictures to stimulate your brain and advance stories. They may not seem like they take a lot of brainpower to get through, but seeing words and pictures trains your brain to process and decode stories differently than when you just see words.


We all know there are movies based on books, but occasionally there are books based on movies. It may seem counterintuitive to read a book after you've already seen the movie, but for non-readers, it may be the ticket they need to pick up a book. If they already know they liked the big screen version of the story about the dog that walked 2,000 miles to find his master, it could be an incentive to read all the details of how he made his own pet bed in Montana that saved him from frostbite.

History Books

Some people shy away from novels because they don't like stories or the language used in novels. They are often people who prefer a good documentary to a romantic comedy. For those readers, a history book or nonfiction book about a fascinating society or war may entice their minds. Looking at stories based on fact can draw in more analytical thinkers and take hold of them for 1,000 pages.


Whether it's a celebrity or a former president, reading about the lives of people we admire can be mysterious and much more interesting than a story any novelist can string together. It's easy to relate to people we're familiar with. Following along with their struggles and how they overcome them can be compelling and inspiring enough to read an entire book.

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