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Back To School Traditions To Start

It's almost time for the bell to ring and call in the kids for the new school year. Time moves so quickly when kids are school age and you want to capture every precious moment. As long as you're documenting your favorite memories, make them interesting so you and your kids have something to look back on fondly. Here are five back to school traditions to start this year.

Back To School Dinner Party

Celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the new school year with a special dinner party. With friends or just as a family, serve up your kids' favorite dishes and desserts to give them the savory send-off they need to feel confident.

Start A Scrapbook

Put together a scrapbook for the school year. Make sure to snap a picture of your kids on the first day of school to start the first chapter. Put in pages for all of the major holidays and take pictures of them with their homemade Halloween decorations and Christmas ornaments, and add events and photos to decorate as the year goes by. Save space for artwork and school accomplishments that your kids can dress up with stickers and glitter glue later. It'll be a little yearbook featuring only your favorite students.

Inspirational Reading

Select your favorite children's books from your childhood that you find most inspiring. On the night before the first day of school, spread a little calm among your children by reading them your inspirational stories. Taking just an hour to read out loud with your children can take them out of their heads to ease first day of school jitters. Making an annual event out of it before the first day of school gives them something to look forward to and look back on to remember affectionately.

First Day, Last Day Bios

We know kids grow up fast, but it's fun to see just how much they learn and develop over the course of a school year. Have them write down their age, favorite books, movies, food, toy -- anything they're interested in now. Have them make a banner or poster with all of their favorite things and take a picture of them with the banner on the first day of school. Repeat the exercise for the last day of school so you and your kids can see how much change can happen in nine months. Plus you'll have a keepsake to remember this age for the rest of your life.

First Day, Last Day Artwork

Have your kids do a little bit of art to mark the first day of school. They can do a handprint or choose an image to color and write their names. Have them do the exact same activity for the last day of school so they (and you) can see how much they improve between the first day of school and the last. It's a fun way for you to remember the school year and they'll be able to see how important school is for growth and learning.

LTD Commodities is here to help you keep traditions alive and create new ones! Whether you need a new game to play for your kids' next birthday party or are looking for a kitchen gadget to create your grandmother's famous apple pie, look to LTD for the ideas and products to match.