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  • Books, Crafts, Office Supplies

    Books, Crafts, Office Supplies

    Spring is the season of fresh ideas, fun activities and creative projects. With summer on the horizon, there’s no better time to stock up on new children’s books to keep them learning after school gets out, activity books to keep your mind sharp, adult coloring books to unwind, and arts and crafts supplies to unleash your creativity. Get recipe ideas with a new cookbook, or improve your home office with stationery essentials. Whatever your interests, LTD has the books, crafts and home entertainment to fuel your imagination.
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    Quick Tips For Finding Good Kids' Books

    Selecting the right book at the right age for your children may form good reading habits that will last a lifetime. Here are some tips to...

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    Children's Books

    Encouraging kids to read can seem like a losing battle. But with children's books from LTD, they will be excited about reading every day.

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    Stationery + Crafts

    Let your creativity flow with craft supplies from LTD Commodities. Our selection of books is the perfect way to learn new crafts.

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    Activity Books

    Keep your children's minds active with drawing books and reading books, some of which feature their favorite animated characters.

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Browse our great selection of book sets, cookbooks and good books for kids

LTD has a huge selection of books at prices that can't be beat! In addition to current best-selling titles we also offer reference books, self-help books, and crafts designed to challenge and expand your mind. Enjoy a bit of laughter every day with some humorous gift books, browse our selection of decorative sets to find some daily inspiration. Enjoy cooking? From snacks to dinner recipes and everything in between, our vast cookbook collection has something for every home chef. Do your kids love activity books? We have crossword puzzles, learn-to-draw books, magic ink books, board game books and more great books for children. Keep their brains sharp in the summer with school box sets and educational wipe-off board books. Books make excellent gift ideas, too! Be sure to check out our entire collection of affordable, quality books, media, and gift bags.