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Clever DIY Backsplashes

Whether you're renovating your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom or other area, adding a backsplash behind a sink can add a hefty increase to the price of your project. These DIY ideas can cut cost while adding unique style to your space.


If you're looking to make your kitchen shine, use all those lovely pennies hidden in-between cushions or in the junk drawer as a cheap way to add some sparkle. Pennies add an interesting look, and because they've all been through their own wear and tear, they offer natural shading while staying in the same color family. Pennies are approximately -inch diameter, so you can estimate how many you need for the space.

Mosaic Tiles

Channel your inner artist, or call up a creative friend, and use tiles to create your own mosaic backsplash. The beautiful thing about mosaic backsplashes is they don't have to follow a pattern. Create scenes from your family's favorite picture books or make a design to accent your home decor. If you love color, find mismatched tiles in similar color families and give your backsplash a colorful, quilted look.

Plates Or Pottery

Instead of throwing away chipped dinnerware give it a second life as tiles in your backsplash. Take all of your colorful ceramic kitchenware that has seen better days and break it into smaller pieces, arranging the pieces anywhere you're looking to add backsplash. You not only get color, but also interesting texture. Best of all it will match your existing kitchen decor. Be careful when breaking the ceramics: place one piece at a time in an old towel or pillowcase before using force.


If you're looking to add more kitchen storage because you can't manage to fit even one more thing in your cabinets, use pegboard to make your backsplash. Pegboard offers a completely customizable storage system along a wall. Use hooks to hang pots and pans, cups for storing utensils and more. It's also a great backsplash for hiding unsightly plumbing in a garage or basement while still having accessibility should anything happen.

  • Chalkboard

    If you want to make your backsplash more than protection from stains and spills, add some functionality by painting the walls with chalkboard paint. This idea can be fun for the entire family. You can leave notes, have the kids decorate it each week and more. It's also a great reason to learn calligraphy and chalkboard art. This option lets you tap into your creativity whenever your heart desires.

  • Glass Panel

    Grout may intimidate some DIYers, and that's ok. Instead of applying grout, use a full sheet of glass as a backsplash. It's a beautiful solution that really adds an interesting look to your wall. A local hardware or glass store should be able to cut it to size and help you install it. The best part is you can still give the glass a distinctive look by painting the backside before installation. Once in place, the beautiful surface also becomes a canvas for creativity. You can use glass crayons for inspirational quotes, daily doodles, or notes for the family.

  • Bottle Caps & Wine Labels

    This project is perfect for the home bar for any beer or soda lover. Collect all of your bottle caps to create an interesting backsplash that is uniquely you. You could even decoupage your favorite wine labels. Using this technique really adds some personality to your space.

Here at LTD Commodities, we're always striving to find our customers simple solutions to make the best of every day. From toys and cookware, to pet supplies and more, check out our latest finds to come up with your own clever solutions.