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Dogs: 5 Tips To Ease Separation Anxiety

Dogs are just about the best gifts we can give ourselves. They're loyal companions that provide love and comfort in the worst of times and they brighten our days in even the best of times. But we are the center of their universe and when we leave them for a few hours to go to work or run errands, it can be tough on them emotionally. Here are 5 tips to ease your dog's separation anxiety.


Puppies and dogs have a lot of energy and like humans their energy can be released positively or negatively. Dogs release positive energy through running and playing; they release negative by destroying furniture, tearing up your favorite NFL hats a or doing their business in the house. If you take your pup out for a run or vigorous walk before work to release the energy positively, it may not be released negatively while you're away at work.

Easy Exit, Easy Entrance

Try not to make a big deal of leaving the house or coming home. Though you may want to say goodbye to your dog for the day, if he knows you're leaving for an extended period of time, the separation anxiety may start before you walk out the door. Additionally, if you get him all tuckered out before you leave, he may not even notice you're leaving if you don't draw attention to it. Similarly, you may be really excited to see your dog at the end of the day, but if you act like coming home isn't a big deal, your dog won't be overwhelmed with excitement when you arrive and consequently disappointed when you leave again.

Strategically Timed Crating

If you crate your dog during the day the time when you put him in his house may determine how well he gets along without you. Rather than putting him in his crate as you're leaving the house, put him in after you get back from your morning walk or a half-hour before you leave for the day. Practice the same method when you get home and don't let him out right away. Instead, hang up your coat and get settled first. Initially he won't know when you're coming and going and then it turns into a routine.

Snack Time

Whether you put your dog in a crate or let him roam your home, a snack may keep him busy enough that he won't notice you're leaving. But it shouldn't be just any snack: peanut butter is the divine delicacy to stuff into a treat-dispensing toy. It's like using a teething ring to distract babies from mouth pain. Dogs will do just about anything to get to peanut butter and it can be their focus for hours or until the peanut butter is gone.

Daytime Visitors

If you haven't tried it already, having a dog walker or a neighbor regularly check in on your dog may make him more comfortable when you're away. He can socialize with another human being until you arrive home and hopefully won't act out when he's alone. No trick or tip is guaranteed to calm your dog. If your dog's behavior is extreme, enroll him in a training class or talk to your vet about what kind of help he needs.

Pets are considered family here at LTD Commodities! We want all our furry friends to live happy, healthy lives and we have products to delight pets of all shapes and sizes. From cat towers to doggy playpens, shop LTD for products to make your pet's tail wag.