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Fall Gardening Ideas

Don't quit on your garden just because it's getting colder outside. Avid gardeners know that extending your harvest into fall increases your yield and the work is quite a bit easier. There is a variety of ways to experience fall gardening, which includes anything from preparing your garden for next year to adding flair your garden with outdoor Halloween decorations. Here are 5 convenient fall gardening ideas that gardeners at every level should know.

Think Ahead

Begin preparation for next season. Plant spring bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, crocus and more so they can establish their roots. Mark where they are placed with something small and sturdy, so their plots are still noticeable after the harsh winter weather. It's also a good idea to mark their location so they aren't disturbed during spring cultivation. Clean and store any pots you aren't using, put away the hose and mulch the ground. Trim any dead bush or tree limbs so they don't fall off in winter and cause damage. Also remember to clear your gutters of leaves, and if you want, you can use them as compost later on.

Fruitful Bounty

Don't be afraid to keep growing fruits, vegetables and herbs for cooking. Many gardeners seem to have a soft spot for growing greens and produce in the fall months. What you can grow depends on your hardiness zone, which is determined by the region where you live. Northern regions can easily grow lettuce, peas, radishes and spinach because they experience a quick harvest. Southern regions will enjoy growing fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, cherries and pears. Herbs can be grown anywhere in fall, but once colder weather hits, especially to the north, they should be moved indoors. Begin planting in August or September for the best results.

Compact Harvest

A container garden adds a beautiful burst of color to your decor and looks great wherever you put it. If you're putting more than one type of plant in the container, look for different heights, colors and textures that complement each other and fill out the pot. Add twigs or other accents to add even more pizzazz. Container gardens are easy to move, look great indoors and can even be used to accent holiday decor.

School Spirit

Fall is football season, which means ardent alumni are proudly cheering on their teams every weekend. Extend this support to your garden by accenting it with college flags. They're a fun and easy way to show your support, and if you have fans of more than one school in your home, it helps to create a friendly competition.

Seasonal Spice

Since pumpkins are always popular, place a bunch of different sized gourds among your fall plants, or put together a scarecrow and stick it right in the center of your garden for a fun accent. Plant trees or flowers the produce hues of red, orange, yellow and brown to get the full beauty of fall right in your own yard.

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