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Father's Day:

DIY Projects To Do With Dad

The most special Father's Day gift a child can give to a father is time. But you have to be creative with how you spend that time. For the DIY dad, a day in the workshop is an easy option. What's difficult is figuring out what kind of project is good for both father and child to work on together. Here are 5 ideas for backyard DIY projects to do with dad.

Rope Ladder

You might not be ready for a treehouse yet, but you don't need a treehouse for a tree perch: just a way to get into the tree. A rope ladder is the perfect solution and it's an easy enough project that you and dad can put it together yourselves. With some rope and sturdy wood posts you have an afternoon project that will take you on a lifetime of adventures. The Art of Manliness has a video tutorial you can follow to get it right. Once you get a glimpse at the view from the tree, and you may not be able to resist the temptation to build a treehouse. You can tackle that next Father's Day.

Fire Pit

Summer comes and goes in a flash so we want to enjoy every moment of it while we can! Summer days in the backyard can easily extend into the evening with a DIY fire pit. You and dad can take a summer day clearing out a spot, laying down gravel and stacking stones to keep your backyard fire contained. Construction is basic and it's simple enough that even toddlers can help put it together. When you're done, just light a fire and bask in its glow while playing games, roasting marshmallows or telling ghost stories. It's the Father's Day gift that keeps giving back all summer long and well into fall.

Tree Stump Stools

You can never have too many outdoor seating options during the summer. Spend the day out back with dad sanding down tree stumps to transform into stools. This project is easy and you might even be able to get mom involved to make cushions. Simply repurpose some old clothes for the covers or make some to match your picnic tablecloths. From start to finish, it's a simple project for dad to do with the kids. HaHappenings put it all together with minimal tools and materials, so even if your dad is new to DIY, he can get this project right on the first try. From barbecues to birthday parties, when you're done, you'll have plenty of seating for every occasion.

Tire Swing

Childhood is not quite complete without a tire swing. Help dad achieve his Father's Day goals by putting together a tire swing for the backyard. The Scrap Shoppe Blog takes you through each step in the process. An old tire, chains and U-bolts are just about all you need to get swinging, and the project is so inexpensive you'll be able to splurge on outdoor toys and gadgets to make your whole summer memorable. You'll be able to celebrate Father's Day and celebrate summer every day until it's time to go back to school.


Backyard Pond

Start digging and help dad complete his backyard oasis with a do-it-yourself pond! This project is for dads with a little bit more DIY knowhow, but still a fairly simple project that can be completed in an afternoon or weekend. It's also versatile enough that dad can make it a personal creation by giving it a unique shape, making a waterfall or adding an island. Ponds change the landscape of your home and they literally add life to a backyard by attracting butterflies, birds and all sorts of cute critters to make your backyard both beautiful and lively.


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