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Gearing Up For Camping Season:

5 Essential Items To Make Your Camping Trip A Success

We're nearing the end of April, which means spring is finally in full swing! It's time to start thinking about your spring, summer, and fall plans. Camping trips should be on every outdoorsman's agenda this spring. Here are your 5 essential items for a successful camping trip.

1) Multi-tool or knife

You never know when you'll need to repair your eyeglasses, cut wood matches or open a can of soup when you're out camping. Some might argue a knife is unnecessary weight, but err on the side of caution that you may need a sharp edge when you're out in the woods.

2) Water treatment tablets

While it seems logical to bring filtered water with you when you're camping, it is quite heavy and it may not last the entire trip. In that case, a stream or lake may be your only water source. Though a bubbling brook looks clean, it has bacteria and micro-organisms that can make you very sick. Water treatment tablets kill the things that can make you sick and allow you stay hydrated throughout your camping trip.

3) Flashlights with extra batteries

Night never seems so dark until you go camping and there's no artificial light for miles. You quickly realize you can't actually see in the dark and when there's an emergency, you need to be able to see what you're doing. Flashlights can be your guide when you need to make a late night trip back home, or you can't find the bug spray you're sure you left in the bottom of your backpack. Bring the flashlight and extra batteries...you'll see why.

4) Moisture-wicking clothing

It's important to stay dry while camping because the temperature drops when night falls and, if you're wet, it could make you vulnerable to hypothermia. Moisture accelerates heat loss in your body. Moisture-wicking clothing draws sweat and moisture away from your body so that they can evaporate. Cotton should not be worn for camping as it absorbs moisture rather than repels it.

5) Compass

Most smart phones come equipped with a compass, but in the worst case scenario when you are lost and your cell phone dies, a compass can lead you to safety. A compass does not require a battery or any fancy satellites to help you figure out where you are, even when you're in the middle of nowhere.

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