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How To Decorate Your Bathroom
With Plants

Now that the sun is shining, our gardens are thriving, bursting with color and giving our outdoor space life. But our indoor spaces need a little life as well, starting with the bathroom. Though we can't plant a garden in our washrooms, we can certainly sprinkle them with greenery. Here are 5 tips for decorating your bathroom with plants.


When you're considering plants for the bathroom, think about how steamy your bathroom gets and how much air circulation there is. This helps narrow down what kind of plants would be appropriate for your bathroom. If your bathroom retains a lot of humidity, consider tropical plants and plants that need a lot of moisture, like orchids and grape ivy, which work well in humid rooms. If your bathroom tends to dry out quickly after showers and stays generally dry, consider a plant that requires a temperate climate, like the ZZ plant or a peace lily. Both need moderate amounts of water, but they don't need a home that feels like a jungle.


How much sunlight your bathroom gets should also factor in what kind of plants you use for decorating. If you have a lot of direct sunlight (your windows are south-facing), take advantage of all the plants that require a lot of light to stay healthy. Desert cacti and succulents love full sun, but if your bathroom has a lot of light but doesn't get direct sunlight, try the Amazon elephant ear, crown of thorns or zebra cactus. If you have low light in your bathroom, you have some options for beautiful, low-maintenance plants to add to your decor like the cast iron plant or bamboo.


If your bathroom seems a little bare, try giving it a boost with a flowering houseplant. There aren't quite as many blooming houseplants as there are average green plants, but there are plenty to choose from that can give your bathroom a little extra colorful aesthetic. Try a begonia for its delicate pink petals or the easy-to-care-for African violet in red, purple or white.

Blank Walls

Finding art for bathrooms can be tough, and plants can be an alternative for neutral wall art if you have room for shelves. No matter how big the wall you want to dress up, you can make floating shelves to fit the wall and support a careful curation of potted plants. With three platforms you can cluster your plants to create an indoor vertical garden.


Bathrooms come in all sizes and if you have a large bathroom, you may be on the prowl for decor to fill the room to give it warmth. Instead of trying to figure out how to add furniture, think about indoor trees. Try a money tree, a rubber tree, or a dragon tree to fill out your bathroom. Add greenery and help purify your air; there are few reasons not to put a plant in your bathroom.

LTD Commodities has ideas to decorate your home from the inside out! Whether you need outdoor garden decor or you're looking for ideas to make your bathroom welcoming, shop LTD for practical products at practical prices.