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Ideas For Throwing A Fall TV Viewing Party

With sunny days behind us and cozy winter days ahead, it's time to settle into our living rooms with fall TV. It's been a few months of agonizing and over-analysis, but we're finally going to get our season finale cliffhanger questions answered: that alone is cause for celebration. Throwing a fall TV viewing party isn't like hosting any other party; you have a certain set of criteria you have to consider to pull it off. Here are 4 ideas for throwing a fall TV viewing party.


When you're coming up with your guest list, think about the seating. TV viewing parties are one of the few gatherings where you need to have a seat for everyone, and the seats have to be comfortable. If you don't have enough couch and recliner space for everyone you'd like to invite, inflatable furniture is an option if your friends aren't the sit-on-the-floor types; if they are, bring out a few pillows and blankets to keep the floor cushioned.


Not only is food necessary, it's also a fun way to incorporate TV themes into the party. 2 Broke Girls calls for cupcakes and Scandal calls for popcorn. Both of those foods are great for watching TV because they're both couch-friendly. By couch-friendly, we mean not too messy and easy to handle if you're using your lap as a table. Also try serving fabulous finger sandwiches or pinwheels. Tiny sandwiches only require one hand to eat, and if you limit the ingredients, everything will remain neatly intact between the bread. Hearty dips are also great for couch-eating. They can be easily spooned on to individual plates and don't slosh around. Try to stay away from items that require utensils. It can be difficult for guests to eat at the couch and enjoy the show if they're worried about holding onto a fork.


Let the night and the show dictate the kind of drinks you serve. Kick-off season five of Boardwalk Empire with prohibition-era drinks and taste what early 20th century gangsters were getting in gunfights over. The Middle and The Goldbergs need a cocktail that's a bit tamer — perhaps non-alcoholic punch or powdered fruit drinks would suit your guests. And, of course, nothing but Virgin Cuba Libres (Diet Coke with a slice of lime) would be acceptable to Big Bang Theory fans.


Any good guest shows up with plenty of time to chat and socialize before the start of the program to avoid disruption during the magic hour of television. You're already excited about the new season, but a game to warm up makes the pre-show lively. Do a trivia review of the last season or, if your guests are fanatics, have them guess the outcome of last season's cliff hangers to keep it timely for the season premiere.

There are so many shows we're excited to see return to the fall line-up and so many new shows to explore. There is definitely no shortage of TV viewing party inspiration. As we head toward winter, there will be plenty of opportunities to sit on the couch and watch TV, so we may as well make a party of it.

Rachel Roszmann

Rachel Roszmann brings her expertise as a writer and editor to LTD Commodities, and shares her tips and advice on the LTD blog. Her love for nature, food, and the softer side of writing reflects her Colorado roots.