Kitchen Towels & Table Linens

Shop kitchen towel and table linens. Find affordable kitchen towel sets, decorative tablecloths and table runners, dining room accents and other festive linens.

Decorate Your Dining Table with Linens & More

Our dining room table linens and kitchen towels section has all the inspiration you need to create a beautiful dining table setup. Start with a decorative tablecloth or table runner to set the theme of your dining table. Create a country theme or set up your table for a special holiday or season. Once you set up your tablecloth or runner, you can then add some matching placemats to make the table look even more festive. Then, choose a table centerpiece such as a faux flower bouquet or candles. Be sure to also add some decorative dishes and serveware to make your dining table complete.

Style Your Mantel with a Table Runner or Scarf

Your mantel is a great place to set up a decorative display. Our dining room table linens and kitchen towels section also has mantel scarves or table runners that you can use on the mantel. Using a runner or scarf on the mantel can help you set the stage for your decor theme in the living room. Start by laying down a themed runner or scarf on the mantel surface. Then, add some decorative accents to match the season, holiday, or decor style. Finish it off with some artificial wreaths and floral decor to make the mantel look more vibrant and bright.

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