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New Home Tips For A Stress Free Move | LTD Commodities

New Home: Tips For A Stress-Free Move

Homeowners and renters are getting things in order to move before the holidays. After going through the stress of finding a place to call home, you have to actually pack up your stuff and unload it again at your new residence. This is never an easy ordeal, but there are ways to make it less of a hassle. Here are 4 tips for a stress-free move.

Write It Out

Plan out each step in the moving process and write it all down. A spreadsheet might be helpful if you like plans to be neat and easy to follow. Write down what items can be packed first, like dinosaur toys and holiday decor, and which ones should be packed last, such as dishes and toiletries. Go from room to room to make checklists for each area. Having everything on paper gives you a visual of what has been done and what needs to be done as moving day approaches. It also makes it easier to delegate tasks to other members of the family so the work gets done faster.

Start Early

Getting a head start is a no-brainer, but sometimes we forget to do it because we don't realize how much stuff we need to throw away rather than pack. Even if you're weeks away from moving, start getting rid of items you know you don't need: old clothes, documents for shredding, instruction manuals to electronics that broke years ago. Getting rid of these items before you even buy moving boxes puts you ahead of the game and you'll have less to sort through once you start packing.

Labels & Boxes

We know that boxes come in all sizes, but one size might just fit all when moving day arrives. It makes packing, stacking and lifting much easier when changing homes. While you're filling those boxes with your favorite MLB clothing, books and casserole dishes, be sure to put labels on all of them. Labels help you pack as well as unpack. It also lets movers know which boxes go in which rooms so you don't have to do as much sorting once your belongings arrive in your new home. There are also smartphone apps like Moving Van to help you keep track of what items are in which boxes.

Moving Day Obstacles

Make sure there are no truck or moving van restrictions for your street on the day of your move. In some residential areas or residential buildings, there may be times of day or days moving is not permitted. And even though professional movers know how to work around tight entrances and oddly shaped furniture, it's good to have an idea of how they can get in and out of your new home with large pieces of furniture easily and quickly. Having a plan shaves off a little more time in the moving process, which could save you a little bit of cash on moving day.

LTD Commodities has dozens of ideas and products to make your home simple and comfortable. Whether you're getting a fresh start in a new home or you want to dress up the home you're in, shop LTD for decor to make your home cozy and inviting every day of the year.