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Summer Yard Sale: How To Get Your Kids To Give Up Their Toys

Summer is on its way! The garden is weeded and pruned and the spring cleaning is done, but there's one last thing you have to do before your house is summer-ready: have a yard sale. This is easier said than done, especially if you have kids who aren't ready to let go of their toys, even if they don't play with them anymore. But we have some tricks to get your kids on board. Here are 5 tips to help your kids let go of old toys.

Use The Big Kid Card

If your children are resisting the idea of giving up their toys for a yard sale, a talk about being a big kid may be in order. Let them know it's OK to keep toys, but, if they refuse to give up toys from when they were younger, suggest that the toys aren't meant for children their age. Mention that, just like baby clothes, kids outgrow their toys and a younger child would get more use out of it. As a bonus, you could also hint that they can use the extra space for new toys.

Create A Selection Process

Go easy on your kids as you start setting aside the items you want to sell. Ask your kids which toys they're OK with including in the sale to give them a sense of authority over their toys. If that doesn't make it easier, let them select one toy to keep for every two toys that go in the sale box. If they know they have some control in what stays and what goes, the hurdle to get over may not be quite as high when it comes time to sell.

Set Up A Treasure Chest

Another way to pare down their toy collection is to set up a treasure chest for your children to put their favorite toys. You can decide on the size of the chest and let them know they can only keep as many toys that fit in the box. It may take some time as they try to negotiate the chest or box, but you'll win in the end with a little extra storage space in their bedrooms and cash from your yard sale.

Allow Them To Say Goodbye

Most kids think toys have feelings; this was common long before Toy Story was released in theaters. They feel bad that they neglected a toy and have to sell it. You don't have to have a funeral to celebrate the toys, but giving your kids a chance to let the toys know they care may ease some of their anxiety when it's time to put them all out in the yard.

Let Them Sell Their Toys

They may not want to give up their toys, but they may not mind selling them. Give your kids the responsibility of putting their goods on display, pricing them (with help) and taking care of the transactions. It's a fun way for them to get involved, teach them a few business lessons, and ease the pain of getting rid of their prized possessions. If they don't show an interest, let them keep a percentage of the profits as an incentive and tell them they can spend it however they want.

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