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Transitioning The Nursery To A Bedroom

Your baby is no longer a baby and is ready to move from a nursery into a big kid's room. There is an abundance of ideas to keep in mind when repurposing the room, and any number of these ideas can be incorporated into your child's newly transitioned space.

Repurpose The Changing Table

The changing table is great for storing educational toys, plush animals and books when it no longer needs to hold diapers and baby wipes. If your changing table has shelves or cubbies, consider purchasing baskets or bins that fit into this space for more optimal storage.

Free Up Floor Space

Your toddler is on the move and will love having the freedom in his room to expend energy. You can use this free floor space to incorporate a rug that doubles as a play area. Whether the rug has a mock town for driving toy cars or a hopscotch line drawing, it's valuable space to think about.

Think Low

Keep items at your toddler's level so your child can build independence. Keeping season-appropriate clothing on a low closet rod will help children make their own fashion choices for the day.


When choosing a room's new decor, consider staying away from trends so that the design of the room can grow with your child. For some great inspiration on children's room decor, check out The Boo and the Boy blog. Don't forget the opportunity to work educational components into a design. Creatively designed alphabet or number wall hangings can make great artwork for a room while teaching number and letter recognition.

A Room Isn't A Bedroom Without A Bed

The most important part of a bedroom is the bed. Many kids bedroom sets offer a crib that converts into a toddler bed, but there are also many toddler beds that are not convertible from a crib. The space you have to work with in your child's room should help you decide which is best. Also consider how long they will have this bed; opting for a full size bed rather than a twin may be beneficial in the long run.

Future Student

Consider putting a desk in your child's room so he or she can work on art projects or practice reading while sitting. The desk will help your toddler feel like a big kid and also prepares your child for when they will sit at a desk in school.

Let There Be Light

A night light not only helps keep fears of monsters at bay, but also acts as a safety tool if your toddler gets up for nighttime visits to the potty. There are great night lights out in the marketplace that have multiple functions like a clock or even a light that uses color to alert the child to what time is wakeup time.

Your little one is growing up and LTD Commodities offers a variety of items that your entire family will enjoy. We offer items that will be perfect for the little hands in your family as well as the grown ups. Shop now and check out the things your family will love.