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Types Of Books To Get Your Kids Excited For School

Whether your kids are starting school for the first time or going back after summer break, getting children to read often helps prepare them for upcoming homework. It can also help transition them into a new year. By learning what to expect, kids can get excited about starting a new year instead of being intimidated by all the newness. You can play a huge part in helping your children learn to love reading by understanding which types of books are appropriate for their age.

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Younger children who aren't used to school may be feeling a mix of emotions. To help prepare them for this new stage of independence, you can easily find picture books about characters going to school for the first time, just like them. They will be able to relate to the stories and, once at school, know how to handle new situations they'll encounter. You can also prepare them by getting them coloring books and arranging a schedule for coloring. This should help them transition into whatever classroom schedule they will need to follow. You can make each book a special treasure by keeping them in a storage bench designated for school materials.


Starting kindergarten is a big step. Your child is probably excited and nervous to be away for a whole day. Rebus books and other children's books will engage a child's interest while helping him or her learn to read. In rebus books, more complex words are substituted with images so younger readers can enjoy more advanced stories. You can use these age-appropriate books as a way to show kids what subjects they can expect to learn while in class.

Elementary School

Depending on your child's reading level, you can add a variety of books to his or her library to prepare for the next school year. Younger readers will love sharing storybooks with parents and siblings before bed while snuggling up with their best pillow. These books include more words than picture books and don't rely as much on the pictures to tell the story. For reading on their own, kids can start with easy readers, which include a few sentences and a predictable storylines. This will help them gain independence and confidence as a reader. Children can then move on to chapter books, which have more complex stories and fewer illustrations.

Middle School

Many students entering middle school love reading young adult novels. They are usually more complex, include characters around the reader's age, and have longer chapters than previous books. Reading these stories can help tweens and teens navigate new social situations they may find themselves in middle school. For more advanced readers, pick up a novel or two. They offer more complex stories young adults would normally read in high school.

Books are a great way to explain new and exciting life chapters in your child's story. Whether you choose a favorite book from your childhood or explore the library together, the experience will help children develop a curiosity for school years and beyond.

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Make reading a daily part of your children's lives. Show them that books can be fun! LTD Commodities has the books you need to stimulate their imagination and instill in them a love of reading.