World's Cutest, Deadliest or Weirdest Animals
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Get to know our planet's most extreme creatures with the World's Cutest, Deadliest or Weirdest Animals. If you want to see adorable animals, check out Cutest Animals. Enjoy profiles of the Earth's most lovable creatures, like the always-smiling Bottlenose Dolphin. Deadliest Animals shows you critters you will definitely want to steer clear of, like the golf-ball size Blue-Ringed Octopus that makes a poison 10,000 times more powerful than cyanide--with no known antidote. In Weirdest Animals, you'll meet the Slender Loris, which can freeze motionless for hours, as well as the Naked Mole Rat, who can sprint backwards. Children and adults will be entertained by the wild facts and vivid pictures that fill each book. 5-3/4" sq. Hardcover, 94 pages. For ages 12 and up.

  • Discover the extremes of the animal kingdom!
  • Packed with fascinating facts and photos
  • Details:
    • 5-3/4" sq.
    • Hardcover, 94 pages
    • For ages 12 and up

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