Container Garden Bulbs
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The Container Garden Bulbs provide you with a beautiful and diverse garden. Simply plant them in your favorite containers, the garden or anywhere else, water them and anticipate a large amount of blooms in a short period of time.

  • Grow a healthy garden with minimal effort
  • 5 Mixed Hanging Begonias:
    • Produce cascading flowers in vibrant shades of pink, white, red and yellow
    • Bloom all summer long
    • Reach a length of 8"-12"
    • Require partial shade
  • 3 Mixed Calla Lilies:
    • Provide a colorful variety of elegant blooms that are perfect for bouquets
    • Bloom from late spring through the summer months
    • Reach a height of 12"-24"
    • Require full sunshine
  • 5 Peruvian Daffodils:
    • Known as Spider Lilies, produce striking beauty, a subtle, spicy scent and recognizable pale green stripe in the flower petals
    • Bloom from early to mid summer
    • Reach a height of 14"-16"
    • Require full sunshine
    • Deer resistant
  • 3 Mixed Dwarf Cannas:
    • Produce bright shades of red, yellow, pink, salmon and bi-colors with broad leaves
    • Bloom from late spring to early autumn
    • Reach a height of 24"-36"
    • Require full sunshine

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