Bedskirt Pins or Sheet Clips
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If you're tired of your bedskirt or sheets moving like they've got a mind of their own, here's the solution--Bedskirt Pins or Sheet Clips. The metal and plastic pins will keep the bedskirt in place while you change your sheets or flip your mattress. These double-sharp pins securely anchor the bedskirt to the box spring while damaging neither. The Set of 16 Bedskirt Pins (2" x 1-1/4", each) is enough to keep even the longest and widest bedskirts in place. The Set of 32 Sheet Clips (3/4" dia. x 2-1/2"L, each) will eliminate bunching, shifting and sliding of your sheets.The sturdy clips keep the sheets snug and wrinkle free. Simply slide the open end of the clip gradually over the sheet and mattress cord to create a secure fit. Works on fitted and flat sheets. Polystyrene.

  • Keep your bed looking neat
  • Use on all size beds
  • Details:
    • Set of 16 Bedskirt Pins, 2" x 1-1/4", each
    • Metal and plastic
    • Set of 32 Sheet Clips, 3/4" dia. x 2-1/2"L, each
    • Polystyrene

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