All-Natural Pest Solutions
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This All-Natural Pest Solution is a safe, simple way to deter a variety of unwanted visitors. Use the All-Purpose Repellent or Rodent Repellent to keep common critters such as deer, rabbits, mice and rats away. Sprinkle it near cracks and openings as well as along the perimeter of your home, garage, mulch piles and gardens. Both are organic and nontoxic. 22 oz., each. The Skeeter Screen Horse & Pet Spray keeps mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other biting insects away from your animals. 32 oz.

  • Won't wash away, evaporate or freeze
  • Details:
    • All-Purpose Repellent, 22 oz.
    • Rodent Repellent, 22 oz.
    • Skeeter Screen Horse & Pet Spray, 32 oz.
Weiser Group, LLC.

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