Werkit™ Toning Fitness Essentials
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Get the body you want with Werkfit Toning Fitness Essentials. The 13" Foam Roller aids in self-massage while enhancing balance, body awareness, muscle re-education and muscular flexibility. 5-1/2" dia. EVA and PVC. Engage multiple muscle groups at once with the 5-lb. Kettlebell. Develops strength, power, endurance and balance while sculpting and toning your entire body. 6-1/2"W x 4-1/4"D x 7-1/4"H. Cement, sand and PVC. The 2-Pc. 3-lb. Dumbbells have an hourglass shape and a neoprene coating that's easy to grip. 2" dia. x 7"L, each. Metal and PVC. The 5-lb. Wrap Weights create resistance for almost every exercise. Secure with a fabric-magic strap. One size fits most. Neoprene and metal. The heavy-resistance Scrunchie Resistance Tube is great for keeping up with your workouts at home and while traveling. Target and tone muscle groups in your chest, arms, abs and legs. 49"L. Nylon and rubberized plastic. The 65 cm Ball & Pump helps with core conditioning and balance training. Incorporate it into yoga, pilates and fusion programs or create your own low-impact exercises. Durable and burst-resistant. Hand pump, 6"L. PVC.

  • Details:
    • 13" Foam Roller, 13"W x 5-1/2" dia.
    • EVA and PVC
    • 5-lb. Kettlebell, 6-1/2"W x 4-1/4"D x 7-1/4"H
    • Cement, sand and PVC
    • 2-Pc. 3-lb. Dumbbells, 2" dia. x 7"L, each
    • Metal and PVC
    • 5-lb. Wrap Weights, one size fits most
    • Neoprene and metal
    • Scrunchie Resistance Tube, 49"L
    • Nylon and rubberized plastic
    • 65 cm Ball & Pump
    • Hand pump, 6"L
    • PVC

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