Laugh Pack™ Joke-Telling Plushes
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Adorable Laugh Pack Joke-Telling Plush is sure to be a hit with kids and kids at heart. Each character has a different voice and set of jokes to entertain you and your friends. Embroidered features. 7" x 6". Polyester. Imported.

  • Each animal tells its own jokes
  • Frog:
    • Q: "What do frogs love to do with paper?"
    • A: "Rrrrrrip it!"
  • Elephant:
    • Q: "How do you stop an elephant from charging?
    • A: "You take away his credit card!"
  • Penguin:
    • Q: "Why are penguins great at pinball?"
    • A: "Because they have two extra flippers!"
  • Details:
    • 7" x 6"
    • Polyester
    • Battery operated

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