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3 LTD Books
You Must Read

Most of us have a favorite book, whether it's a bedtime story from childhood or last week's bestseller. There's something about delving into a different world for hours at a time that stays with us, and we never forget how the stories make us feel. From the fanfare of Harry Potter to the controversy of The DaVinci Code, we love to read. Take a break from the holiday decorations and sit down with one of these books we're completely obsessed with right now.


This young adult novel is yet another 3-part series that transcends its own genre. Set within a dystopian version of future Chicago, the society is divided into five factions, each one meant to value a different virtue. The ancient founders believed that the country was torn apart by war primarily due to humanity issues such as dishonesty, stupidity, cowardness, violence, and selfishness. Each faction was founded on one of the opposite virtues: Amity values peace, Candor values honesty, Dauntless values bravery, Abnegation values selflessness, and Erudite values intelligence. The story follows young Beatrice Prior as she chooses the faction she believes in and tries to fit in somewhere, speaking to the pressure of teenage life when choosing to follow your parent's path, or make your own way in the world. If you enjoyed The Hunger Games, you'll love this series. Each book opens up a new way of life within the Divergent world. The characters are strong and well developed, and you'll find yourself facing fear and selfishness and dishonesty right along with them. Read it now before the first movie comes out next spring!

Humor, History, Favorites

Game of Thrones —
A Song of Ice and Fire

No, it's not overrated. And even though George R.R. Martin began the series over 20 years ago, in 1991, he's still got 2 more books to come in this 7-part series. Game of Thrones is the first in this epic-style fantasy series called A Song of Ice and Fire, which takes place in a fictional time and place, based loosely on medieval times and the geography of Western Europe. The first novel is defined by the title as aspiring kings and queens play the game of thrones throughout the novel. You follow the point of view of various characters throughout the novel, but through limited perspectives. Threats of the longest winter coming, dragons on the horizon, and political violence and war swarm in this epic fantasy series. If you're not sure about the 7-book commitment, you can always check out the Game of Thrones series on HBO to decide if you're interested or not. If you enjoyed The Lord of The Rings, this series is for you.

Children's books

Your Favorite Seuss

Speaking to everyone's inner child, and the families who are getting their kids to read for the first time, Your Favorite Seuss is a compilation of 13 beloved classics, including The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and The Lorax. Whatever your age, Dr. Seuss always finds a way to entertain and inspire, which is why we absolutely love this compilation. Remember to protect the Earth with the Lorax's warnings to humanity about the environment, and teach yourself and your kids, "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose," in Seuss's cheerful and positive book about the future, Oh The Places You'll Go. Make a little space on your bookshelf or coffee table and add this compilation to your home decor.

Delve into a new book with LTD. We have an amazing selection of books in every genre, from kids books and historical fiction to drama and humor. Running out of places to store all your titles? Here are 5 ways to store books.