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3 Types Of Books
To Give Your Mind A Vacation

It's summer vacation time and while your body and spirit are relaxed, your mind needs to unwind, too. Here are three types of books to give your mind a vacation.


These books can help build character without it seeming like work. Chances are, if you're reading a motivational or inspirational book, you're already willing to absorb the lesson on being a better person. Inspirational books are vehicles for positive thinking, which has a great impact on health. According to the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking may increase your lifespan, lower your chances of depression, give you better coping skills during hardships, and build a resistance to the common cold.

Art & Design

Thumbing through a coffee table book of art and design may reduce stress and anxiety. Researchers in Houston, Texas found patients waiting in an emergency room had reduced restlessness when they were exposed to visual art and nature videos rather than broadcast television. Coffee table books are designed to be beautiful, and if what we perceive is beautiful or "easy on the eyes," it's easier for our brains to process.


It's warm outside and by all accounts everything seems like it's easier. But even though the sun is shining, life's headaches are still there and our brains still need an escape. Romance novels offer a place for people to go when their minds are working overtime. Romance is a feel-good genre and there's comfort in knowing there's going to be a happy ending. Reading about characters with daunting obstacles can make readers feel at ease and hopeful, which can relieve stress and reduce fatigue, according to a study published in the Journal of Health Psychology. If a good romance novel provides escape and reduces stress at the same time, it's not only a good summer read, it's a good life read.

Every once in a while we need to give ourselves a break. Whether we're taking a trip to a far off island or escaping with a good book, we need to give our minds, bodies and souls a vacation.

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