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3 Types of Books to Inspire You to Be More Constructive

You might get the job done, wrangle your kids and get them off to school, even get dinner on the table, but you know you can do more. Here are 3 types of books to inspire you to be more constructive.

1) Romance Novels

Romance novels carry you off on a summer day and take you to a far-off village. You get attached to the charismatic male lead and his bold and beautiful love interest. It's a good way to fritter away an afternoon, but what's behind these books is inspiring. Nora Roberts — romance author with more than 180 New York Times bestsellers to her credit — didn't set out to be a novelist, let alone a romance novelist. On a winter day in 1979, she was stranded at home as a blizzard blew through the northeast. She started writing and hasn't stopped. Even if you're not a romance reader, her story is enough to make you want to pick up that project you've been dreaming about and build a new life with it.


2) Historical Cookbooks

Whether you're looking back at recipes from the Civil War or dishes from the Roaring '20s, how people worked with food inspires you to do more with what you have. We've come a long way with cooking technology and kitchen gadgets — things that make baking and cooking almost too easy. Cooking without a microwave or having refrigeration took extra work, more industrious thinking and a lot more time. You truly had to be constructive in the kitchen to get meals on the table on time.

Activity books

3) Craft Books

By definition, crafting is productive. But if you get in the habit of taking on projects without purpose, crafting transforms into a burden rather than a constructive act. Craft books provide ideas with practical results to be used in your home and office. A well-written craft book keeps your ideas organized. Whether you need to make a crochet toilet paper cozy to match your bathroom decor, or you need holiday decorations for Thanksgiving dinner, the craft book will keep you on task.

Staying constructive with your down time is a tall order when your to-do list is already lengthy, but sometimes all you need to be productive is a little literary inspiration.

Whether you're adding to your library or you need inspiration for your next holiday get-together, look to LTD Commodities for ideas to make your home a perfect place to entertain.