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4 Ideas To Keep The Camper Organized

Fitting your life inside a camper for a week is no small feat. Getting comfortable in small quarters can be challenge, but here are 4 ideas to keep the camper organized on your next big trek.


Hooks can solve many small space challenges. To make the most of vertical space, peg boards with an ample amount of hooks can keep a kitchen organized without using drawers. They come in handy in any room of a camper or RV -- for towels in the kitchen or clothes in the bedroom. Use hooks as a paper towel dispenser or to hang kitchen tools to open up room in the kitchen and create a prep or dining area. In the living area, maximize door space with over-the-door or cabinet hooks you might use for bathroom storage.


On the wall, mops, brooms and dustpans mounted on the wall don't take up valuable real estate in the tiny confines of a camper. On the ceiling, mount mason jar lids so the jars can screw on to hold small, frequently used items on the road: think nails, batteries or power cords.


Door organizers and closet sweater storage bags take the place of closets and dressers. For everyday items, store toddler toys or shower and bathroom essentials, pouches keep things compact and coordinated. For outside adventures, uses pouches to compartmentalize activities. Divide items you need for the beach, hiking, and sightseeing for easy classified access.


Velcro can hook and strap-in small items like remote controls or alarm clocks to keep them in place while you're driving while maintaining accessibility. You can even use it for hanging pictures or keeping plants stable for the well-decorated motorhome. Magnets can be used in the same way for lighter items. Small kitchen items like spices in containers with magnets on them affix easily and securely to the stove or refrigerator.

LTD Commodities makes shopping for your next RV trip easy. Shop our website and catalogs for everything you need for traveling in small spaces and long distances.