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5 Simple Ways To Bring Life Back
To Your Bathroom

With the sun shining on parts of your home that winter helped you forget, it's easy to see your bathroom could use some refreshing. You don't have to do a gut rehab or even an overhaul to make it comfortable again. Here are 5 simple ways to bring life back to your bathroom.

1) Take a Seat

Add a bench to your bathroom for style or convenience. A bench can also be used to create more surface area, like a place to rest a towel while you bathe or shower, so you don't have to reach for it in a cabinet or on a high hook. The bench can also be used as extra storage or as a place you can showcase bathroom decor to express your personality.

2) Border Patrol

Paint the trim a bright color. A brilliant color that complements wall paint adds an unexpected pop to the bathroom. It adds depth and wakes up a tired-looking room. If you want the room to be exciting, a shade of orange can create enthusiasm. A bold blue can give off a feeling of relaxation. A sunny yellow can bring joy to the room. Whatever trim color you choose, a refreshing shade brings a sense of newness to the bathroom.

3) Second Nature

Similar to kitchen decor, adding a plant to your bathroom can perk up a drab room whether you have sun streaming into your bathroom from all angles or you have muted natural light. There are many benefits to having plants indoors. Plants improve indoor air quality, lower blood pressure and improve wellbeing. While it seems like a plant only adds an aesthetic element to a bathroom, it brings health and happiness to a room, too.

4) Shelf Life

A shelf or two adds decorative and functional value to your bathroom. A shelf takes up wall space for a spot you can't find the right picture to fill. It adds surface area for towels and shampoo, or provides a landing for a plant. All-in-one-shelving provides hooks for towels and robes, a shelf for stackable supplies, and a dock for photographs to add personality to your bathroom.

5) Curtain Call

A dazzling shower curtain is the easiest way to transform the feeling of a boring bathroom. It might only be a little piece of fabric, but it can change the energy of a room. Whether it's a bright red, or has illustrations of adorable owls, it's a one-stop, functional decorative element that makes your bathroom seem like a whole new room.

Whether you want to make a significant change or a slight adjustment in your bathroom, it doesn't have to be a big project. A simple addition here and there may be all you need to liven up the bathroom.

Every season brings about new decorating needs for the bathroom. When it's time to start looking for Christmas decoration ideas for the bathroom, LTD Commodities has everything you need to make your bathroom brighter. Shop here for all your decorating needs.