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5 Stylish Storage Options For Your Main Room

Staying organized requires shelves, cabinets and other storage pieces. Combine those with sofas, chairs, and tables, and even a large main room can look cluttered. Check out our 5 ideas to maximize your space and stay stylish at the same time.

Furniture That Can Keep A Secret

One of the most practical ways to add stylish storage to a room is to seek out furniture pieces that double as organizers. Look for ottomans and benches with lift-off or hinged lids that hide a space for blankets, clothing and books. Many coffee, console, and side tables available with lower shelves that can hold handy baskets. Bench seating with storage drawers is a charming alternative for a dining area when space is a premium. The drawers are ideal for holding plates, glasses and table linens.

Bring "Dead Space" To Life

In interior design, "dead space" is an empty area that could be put to better use. For instance, many homes have an open space underneath the stairs. With a few shelves, bins, and hooks, that area becomes a storage space for almost anything. Odd spaces, like tiny recessed areas or the spot under a bank of windows, are wonderful places for shelves and cubbies. Shelves positioned near the ceiling around the perimeter of the room squeeze in storage for infrequently used items while keeping them out of view.

Stay Flexible With Cubbies And Crates

Cubbies and crates are easy to move, stack and rearrange as your needs change. These flexible boxes can be used for both storage and display according to your tastes. Mix and match sizes to create a bookshelf, an entertainment center, and more.

Go Low

Underbed storage boxes changed the way a lot of people think about organizing the bedroom. They can do the same for the main room of a house or apartment. Transform the space under the sofa from a haven for dust bunnies into a hidden storage gem with a few underbed boxes, low fabric bins, repurposed drawers or pullout baskets. They are especially useful for toy storage. Assign one basket to each child, and remember to reserve one for water toys in case of an emergency dash to the pool!

The Great Frame Up

Avoid cluttering all the walls with shelves and concentrate them on one wall by framing the doorway. While this arrangement emphasizes the doorway to eyes that are in the main room, it cannot be seen from the outside, creating an illusion of extra space. In addition, the shelves make the most of the under-utilized space on that wall and leave the rest open to decor.

Staying organized does not mean you have to sacrifice style. LTD Commodities has a variety of organizers, bins, wall decor and other storage essentials to make any size space work better and look great.